Thursday, June 30, 2011

Re-blogging : The Spectral Instition

On June 3-4, 2011 I participated in the First Congress of Spectral Institutions in Bucharest, organized by Veda Popovici // The Blind Museum

About the Spectral Institutions

A Spectral Institution is an institution in the course of being authorized. It is the weaker double of a strong, authentic institution. Its (apparent) weakness, however, always disturbs in some way the authoritative structures.
The Spectral Institution is a conceptual framework shared by various projects created by artists and not only.

The Congress and the Fair have been initiated with the Blind Museum's invitation towards other institutions of the same spectral nature to gather, share ideas and prospects for the future.

The Congress is a discursive platform for lectures, debates and workshops.
The Fair is an exhibition platform for the visual and performative representation of the institutions.
The Ist Congress has taken place in Bucharest, Romania and the Ist Fair in Sibiu, Romania.

The Spectral Institution is an open conceptual framework and a network in continuous expansion. To collaborate, participate and find out more please contact veda.popovici(at)

The Ist Congress of the Spectral Institutions

3rd-4th of June, 2011, UNAgaleria, Bucharest

Participating institutions: The Bureau of Melodramatic Research, The Blind Museum (Veda Popovici) Kunstahlle Batistei & ParadisGaraj (Claudiu Cobilanschi), PARApolice (Arnold Schlachter), The Presidential Candidacy, The Department of Art in Public Space (Raluca Voinea,, The Museum of Modest Art of the Apartment – MAMA.

Participating theorists: Corina Lucia Apostol, Irina Costache, Matei Demetrescu, Simina Neagu.

3rd of June

11:00 Intro
Veda Popovici. Welcome to the Ist Congress of the Spectral Institutions
Simina Neagu. Institutional Critique in the East?
ParadisGaraj. The Lost Paradise. (film)
Corina Lucia Apostol. Post(modernism) between East and West: the Institutionalization of Romanian Artists on the Global Market.
The Presidential Candidate. The Limits of Depression, what remains to be when the postspectacle has been integrated?

4th of June

Arnold Schlachter. About security and private polices.
Matei Demetrescu. About the spectral dimension of authority in contemporary politics: towards a conceptual definition.
Irina Costache, Luiza Alecsandru, the Bureau of Melodramatic Research
Workshop: “Institutional futurology: prospections beyond planification”
Common Space project: institutionalization vs. organization.
Invited: the commuminity around the project. Moderator: Raluca Voinea
Closing remarks: the Spectral Institution – where to ?

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