Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some urgent texts on CNDB (National Center for Dance Bucharest)

"On March 21st 2011, a group of artists occupied CNDB. The works to destroy the centre have finally started. The whole area is now surrounded by a fence and the interior is being dismantled. The moment postponed for so long has finally arrived. An agreement was reached with the Cultural Ministry that other rehearsals and working spaces would be provided to the artists that until now have been working in the center. As of today we do not know of any concrete spaces available to us.

Information is vague and nobody seems to really know what will happen. Moreover it seems that the budget to construct a new space for CNDB has not yet officially approved. But again, nothing is known for sure. In order to shed some clarity over this situation, we decided to occupy the building of CNDB until other working spaces will be available for use and agreements for a new space will be finalized.
Until then we refuse to leave our working space. Independent or not, artists have until now been using the CNDB as a common working place which become a fundamental part of our working conditions. To loose our space will affect our capacity to work and to live from our work. We call for other artists, students, teachers, activists, sympathizers, friends and whoever is interested, to join us. We invite you to come and use the space. It’s big, there is studio space, wireless internet, basic sound systems... you can come to work, organize events, talks, workshops, music sessions and anything you can think of. You can also move your normal daily activity here. Come before they completely fence the area off!

PS: Also if you have any camping stoves, covers, pillows, coffee machines, cooking utensils or anything to organize the living situation here, please feel free to bring it."




"As part of this protest action – the sit in at CNDB as a response to the beginning of the demolition of the space, without offering any decent and concrete solutions to the artistic community associated with it – I suggest the following action: restaging the statuary grou “Caragealiana” (reference to the Romanian playwright Ion Luca Caragiale). Thursday, March 24th at noon, in front of TNB (National Theater Bucharest) a group of artists will restage the statuary complex, on a smaller scaler – but also a cheaper one – with zero budget.

It would seem that monumental art is always legitimate and financially supported. For example, the cost of making and displaying this statuary group, would have covered the budget for constructing a new space for contemporary dance, or buying one or several spaces. This would have been a dynamic space, within which information would circulate, a space for research and debate, a space for artists to meet and work; but this has failed to emerge as a necessity or a priority as does monumental art – reminding us of the times before 1989, of “bigger and better” things, no matter their substance.

I would also like to note that this action does not criticize the statuary group or the idea to commemorate Caragiale. We all love Caragiale. Paradoxically, he would have been the harshest critic of the anomalies of cultural politics in Romania."

Alexandra Pirici



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